Team Motivate is a mentoring/coaching service 


We work together with the young person's  social worker/key workers to improve behaviour and provide respite for carers and parents. 


Sessions are carried out on weekday evenings and weekends, which include attending social events, activities or arranging overnight stays for those moving towards independent living.


Team Motivate has piloted sessions at Barking and Dagenham college providing group sessions for young people to enable them to gain confidence and social skills through sport and gaming activities.


At present the sessions are held once a week and typically last for 2 hours between 15:00 and 17:00.


Sessions are delivered by Team Motivate directors

Louis John & Kes Roban 


They are designed to prioritise interactive and enjoyable learning through activities which will in-turn create an engaging environment and therefore facilitate the needs of our young people and young people with autism/aspergers.



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