Team Motivate provides one to one mentoring support for difficult/challenging young people and young with autism/asperger. Working together with their social worker to improve behaviour and provide respite for carers and parents. We have a background in mentoring and coaching young people with challenging behaviours and autism/aspergers. Staff have the skill set to support positive development and the ability to teach important life skills. As a team we recognise the importance of enhancing our knowledge and skills within this industry, and therefore we regularly attend relevant training to achieve this.

Sessions are carried out at afternoons/evenings and weekends. Overnight stays can be arranged for those moving towards independent living or respite for parents/carers. Sessions involves going on outings/social events, doing many different activities or hobbies of the young person. During the outings we have conversations about current teenage issues and any individual issue. We challenge any negative behaviours and provide guidance to the young person, helping with career paths. Reports will be provided for parents and carers of progress and topic discussed.

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